If you are looking for new staff uniforms for your team, Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing is the perfect choice! Our elegant designs are made from the highest quality and blend, plus we have styles to suit all business types. Bamboo fabric has many benefits for your staff and the planet:


  • Incredibly Soft, Luxurious Fabric
  • Ultra Gentle On Sensitive Skin
  • Provides Natural UV Protection
  • Breathable & Thermo-Regulating
  • Requires Little To No Ironing
  • The Perfect Travel Companion


  • Requires Only Natural Rainfall
  • Pesticide- and Chemical-free Growth
  • Produces around 35% more O2 than trees
  • No replanting = no soil erosion

We are proud to be current suppliers of our bamboo clothing uniforms to a wide variety of businesses. From day spas to restaurants, credit unions to media organisation's and their VIP Uniform Program, we have your team's tops and bottoms covered!