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I had a clothing store in my hometown of Byron Bay for over 10 years and I had been listening to the feedback of customers and what they wanted. They wanted clothes to fit all bodies, what to emphasise and what to hide – loose on the tummy, covering upper arms but still elegant.

I came across Bamboo fabric but unfortunately, the existing designs were badly cut and only available in small sizes, but I loved the feel of the fabric. The more I looked into it the more excited I became as I had found a sustainable fabric that I can use to create what my customers had been asking for.

From there I went to China one of the only countries creating Bamboo fabric and worked alongside a fabric house on getting my own high quality unique blend made.

Next step was to source a professional manufacturing company that was also ethical in their practice.

From that small beginning of just an idea, Bodypeace has grown organically (much like our Bamboo) into a team of lovely friends and family that make up the Bodypeace Tribe.


About Bodypeace Bamboo

Bodypeace was born in Byron Bay where a sustainable and ethical attitude is commonplace in the community. The beautiful landscape a precious reminder of the wonderful planet we live on and why our everyday choices are so important. Our focus is to create elegant, comfortable Bamboo clothing for women and men with the purpose of flattering all shapes whilst limiting the impact on the natural world.


Our unique Bamboo fabric is made from a beautiful heavy weight bamboo blend of 92% Bamboo and 8% Elastane. The elastane is added to give the Bamboo fabric some stretch and allows the fabric to go back into shape even after washing. The fabric is very soft and luxurious against the skin and drapes beautifully. 
Not all Bamboo fabric is the same and once customers wear Bodypeace Bamboo clothing and feel the difference in quality, they find it hard to wear anything else. Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing really is The MOST Comfortable Clothing In The World !

The Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing has a high UPF ( ultra violet protection) rating of 50+. This means that our unique Bamboo fabric has excellent sun protection, as compared to a light Cotton t-shirt that has a UPF rating of about 5. Our Bamboo fabric is certified by ARPANSA confirming the UPF rating of 50+. 

Bamboo is moisture wicking, meaning it pulls moisture away from the body to the exterior of the shirt where it can evaporate more easily. Bamboo has natural anti bacterial and fungal properties, that can inhibit the growth of bacteria and hence could make your clothing be less smelly in situations where you sweat.
Bamboo is often called the 'Smart Fabric' as it has great insulating properties which means  by wearing Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing you can be a little cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. So wearing a bamboo shirt in Summer will feel cool and comfortable. 
Bamboo feels extremely soft on the skin and is suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin. Many of our designs may be worn may ways to create a different look
and due to the weight of our fabric, creases just fall out with your body heat.

Rest assured by choosing to wear Bamboo you are making a conscious choice to wear a sustainable fabric that is good for you and the planet. For more detailed information on Bamboo please see our Eco Policies and our Why Bamboo Pages. 


Our Bamboo basics collection and limited edition designs and colours, empower both women and men to dress sustainably whilst looking elegant and feeling amazing. Our designs are trans-seasonal, perfect for travel and many may be worn various ways to create a different look/neckline.


The Bodypeace global family has grown extensively with 6 exclusive boutique stores and an ever-growing number of stockists.
If you would like to become part of our wonderful stockists network, please contact us to learn more.


Our unique Bamboo fabric and our versatile designs offer customers many occasions to wear our clothing collection. From the office to an evening out, from the beach to a yoga class, or during your pregnancy, you will feel so comfortable wrapped in our luscious natural fabric.