Eco Policies

Do you know who Made Your Clothes ? 

Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing is proud to be transparant with the production of our range showing
you exactly who makes your clothes. We applaud and support the great work Fashion does by educating consumers on ethically made fashion and where the clothes are made, making the production of fashion transparent. 

You can have the peace of mind that what you are wearing not only looks good, is good for the planet
and is produced in a fair and ethical way.

With Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing 'Peace of Mind is Included'. 



Bodypeace Bamboo clothing is proud to be produced in a small, ethically run company that meets the standards of fair trading conditions.
Just like the Bodypeace Bamboo team in Australia, our partner production company is a small team with a focus on quality, high ethical
standards and ensures the staff feel valued in a small family feel team.

Staff are paid a higher than award salary and have safe, clean, fair and enjoyable working conditions. It is ensured the staff rights
and health are well cared for. Staff have regular breaks, enjoy a daily free lunch, standard days off, seasonal holidays, healthcare
plans and enjoy regular outings to reward the families for their great work. Bodypeace Bamboo has worked with this Chinese company
for many years now, and continues to enjoy the highest quality of production and service. 



Bamboo is found growing naturally wild in the mountains and hills of China and requires little attention from farmers until harvesting.
We ensure the farmers are are paid above award wages and have safe and fair working conditions. The harvesting is done by
farmers in rural China and is regulated by the local governments in China to ensure the environment protection standards are 
continually met.

Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing are proud to ensure our high ethical standards are met in all stages of production from the 
growth - harvesting - processing - knitting - dying - clothing production. 
SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION  - Ecologically Safe and Knitting and Dying

Bodypeace Bamboo’s affiliated Knitting and Dye house in China was founded in 2002 and meets the highest Environmental Protection Standards. The dyes used are imported from Europe and the company has Organic Production Certification from Ecocert for compliance with Organic Content Standards for Dyeing, Knitting and Trading. In addition to the Organic Certification the Bodypeace Bamboo fabric has been tested with accreditation from Oeko-Tex 100 Standard to ensure are free from Harmful substances. 




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