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Bamboo Duvet Set and Bedding

Experience Peace of Mind and Body as You Sleep in Style and Comfort.

Transition to a more sustainable lifestyle with Bodypeace Bamboo's bedding collection of luxurious sheet and duvet cover sets.

Experience the calm of waking up to clean, fresh, silky soft Bamboo bed sheets every morning.

Both the Duvet cover set and Sheet Sets are made from eco friendly 100% Bamboo viscose. Bamboo is renowned for being thermo regulating, keeping you cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Our Bamboo bed linen is an absolute dream to sleep on.

Bodypeace Bamboo bedding is superior to regular cotton bedding, the moisture wicking properties and breathability allows for air to circulate freely through the Bamboo fibre. Additionally Bamboo is naturally antibacterial keeping your bed feeling fresh for longer.

The joy of sleeping in bedding so luxurious and sensuous evokes a sense of calm, it’s a dream come true.

Bodypeace Bamboo duvet cover and sheet sets feel simultaneously silky and smooth against the skin while providing a level of comfort that is sure to make you drift off.

Whether you choose our Bamboo Sheet Set or our Bamboo Duvet Cover Set , you can rest assured knowing that your new bedding will provide year-round optimum comfort.

Rest Easy

Bodypeace Bamboo Bedding is the perfect marriage of softness and sustainability. We believe in creating products that are good for the earth as well as your body, which is why Bodypeace Bamboo bedding is biodegradable and sourced ethically. You can rest easy knowing that you're doing something good for yourself and the planet when you invest in quality, durable bedding.

It’s time to add an organic touch to the tranquil sanctuary of every bedroom in the house with Bodypeace Bamboo bedding duvet cover and sheet sets.

Create your own peace of mind as you sleep soundly, wrapped in gorgeous, ethically-sourced Bamboo.


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