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Best Selling Men's Bamboo Underwear 


Byron Bay’s Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing specialises in Men’s Bamboo underwear; with the Men’s Bamboo Boxer shorts being our best sellers. Our Men's Bamboo underwear range is designed with Men’s comfort in mind, offering the ultimate fabric softness, support and fit, whilst being kind to the planet.

Mindfully sourced and fabricated, our organically grown Bamboo is perfect for garments that sit close to the skin because they are super soft and comfortable, ultra gentle on sensitive skin, breathable and thermo regulating, keep their shape wash after wash, and are free from harmful dyes or chemicals.

Upgrade your underwear to Bamboo.

Discover a comfortable style that supports you where it counts


Whether you’re training at the gym, running on the track, lounging around the house or suiting up for a big event, our Men’s Bamboo underwear is the perfect choice for all-day wear. Offering maximum comfort and support where you need it most, our Bamboo underwear for men feels silky soft and smooth against the skin. As well as being designed with comfort and practicality in mind, our men’s Bamboo underwear is hypoallergenic and gentle against sensitive skin, ensuring your nether region remains free from itchiness, irritation and redness.

Take comfort and style to the next level, and explore the best collection of Bamboo Men’s underwear in Australia to see what all the hype’s about — we guarantee that once you slip into a pair, you’ll never want to take them off!


Feel the difference in plush Bamboo underwear for men

Each pair in our Men’s Bamboo underwear range features an elasticated waistband, a spacious, extra-soft contoured pouch and soft seams that provide support and lift while flattering your physique. Plus, they’re perfect for sleeping in! With an innovative blend of 92% Bamboo and 8% Elastane, our lightweight Men’s Bamboo underwear is ultra-stretchy and forgiving, guaranteeing a peaceful, comfortable and sweat-free sleep — even in the peak of Summer. When there’s a chill in the air, our Men’s Bamboo underwear regulates heat, keeping you warm when the temperature dips.


Bodypeace Bamboo — home to the best collection of supportive trunks

Designed to withstand the rigours of everyday wear, our Men's Bamboo underwear will return to its original shape after each wash, so your trunks won’t lose their snug fit over time. Offering the stretch, comfort and support you need to get through life hassle-free, our odour-eliminating Bamboo underwear for Men is a top-drawer essential.