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Women's Bamboo Clothing in Australia

Feel the difference in wearing sustainable, soft and comfy Bamboo clothes for women. Bodypeace Bamboo’s range of women’s Bamboo clothing in Australia offers luxurious, high quality and sustainable underwear and clothing choices.


Be a force for good

We are committed to using eco-friendly Bamboo fabric, with all stages of Bamboo growth to production, developed to leave an ethical footprint on earth. We want to give our customers the power to be a force for good in their own lives and the global community.


Beauty, sustainability & functionality in one

Our beautiful and sustainable women’s clothing in Australia features basic wardrobe essentials and fun fashion styles in our unique silky soft Bamboo fabric that delivers comfort, style and versatility.

Made from our unique high-quality blended fabric comprising 92% Bamboo and 8% Elastane, the thermo-regulating and moisture-resistant properties of our material will keep you cool and dry. These qualities of Bamboo fabric make it ideal for layering under your favourite clothes. Plus, the fabric stretches so you can move easily without restriction as it drapes beautifully against the body.

Bamboo is known for its softness and strength: the perfect combination for an inspirational range of ethical women’s clothing.


Real clothes for real women

Choose from a variety of Bamboo Basic styles designed to comfortably fit real women’s bodies.

Our size-inclusive range of XS to XXL is designed to suit all body types because we believe body confidence should be available to everyone. We also carry a variety of necklines such as crew neck, boat neck and v-neck lines on dresses, along with t-shirts and tops so you can choose the style that flatters your features.


Everything you need in bamboo clothes for women

Our collection of Bamboo clothes for women includes everything — from casual tees and tops, dresses, wide and straight-leg pants, tights, skirts and yoga wear. We also have an extensive range of incredibly comfy underwear including Bamboo knickers and bras that have a serious fan base.

Our interchangeable separates are elegant and comfortable, allowing you to create a capsule wardrobe from our collection of t-shirts, tunics, dresses, skirts, pants, cardigans, wraps and singlets.

The organic colour options also provide a harmonious palette, so coordination is a cinch! Our collection of women’s Bamboo clothing in Australia will ensure you will never stare blankly at your wardrobe again.


Bodypeace Bamboo for the earth and you — shop at Bodypeace Bamboo today!

There’s nothing like Bodypeace Bamboo clothes for women to give you the peace of mind you need in your clothing purchases.

If you’re looking for sustainable women’s clothing in Australia, shop at Bodypeace Bamboo today. For the latest Bodypeace Bamboo collection, check out our new arrivals.

If you have questions concerning shipping and returns, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!



Are Bamboo clothes comfortable?

The advantages of wearing Bamboo clothes for women are numerous, especially in terms of sustainability and comfort. Bamboo clothing is incredibly comfortable as it’s super soft and wicks away moisture. Its natural antibacterial qualities also make it a great option for people with skin sensitivities.


What types of women’s clothing can you make with Bamboo?

Bamboo fabric is a sustainable material suitable for making activewear, undershirts, lingerie, socks, T-shirts, loungewear, dresses, skirts and other popular clothing options.


Is Bamboo fabric machine-washable?

Bamboo is machine-washable on a gentle cycle and may be dried using a dryer (low heat setting) or on a clothesline.


How do you soften Bamboo clothes?

Bamboo fabric is naturally soft. To prolong its lifespan, make sure you follow the recommended care instructions by the manufacturer.


How do you store Bamboo clothes long-term?

Bamboo clothes can be hung in a closet to help avoid wrinkling and maintain their quality, or folded to avoid overstretching some Bamboo styles. 

Bamboo cloth also requires ventilation, so don’t store it in airtight plastic storage containers where it can collect mildew and become yellowish.


How do you remove stains from Bamboo fabric?

While the antimicrobial qualities of Bamboo fabric do help to lessen odour and mildew issues, dirt can still stick to even your most luxurious Bamboo clothes.

To remove stains, look for laundry detergents made with natural or plant-based ingredients to address Bamboo clothing stains. Avoid using bleach, optical brighteners and soaking agents as its toxicity and harshness can ruin the quality of the Bamboo fibres.


How do you dry clothes made of Bamboo fabric?

In general, Bamboo garments can be dried using a dryer on the lowest setting. However, you might want to limit how long your dryer runs if you want to preserve the quality of your natural Bamboo fibre.

If you have the luxury of time or are at home, you may air dry your Bamboo clothing for 20 to 30 minutes before laying them out flat to finish drying. You may also choose to line-dry your Bamboo clothes completely.